Attitude is more important than Intelligence


Last night was a rare Monday night off for me. Most of the time, I’m facilitating the Dale Carnegie Course in Raleigh. Last week I graduated an amazing group of people from all different backgrounds and industries.

While I was pouting about class being over, I came across an article on titled:

Why Attitude Is More Important Than Intelligence

In the article, the author writes about Carol Dweck, a psychologist at Stanford University and her research on attitude and performance.

Dweck’s research determines attitude is a better indicator than intelligence. Wow, is that good news for me :).

It’s easy to fall victim to the notion that we aren't smart enough, talented enough, charming enough, old enough, young enough, cool enough, hipster enough, professional enough, casual enough or just plain enough to become successful.

Like the Dale Carnegie Course has done for over 100 years, this article takes all those excuses away. Click Here to check it out.

Is your attitude an asset or a liability to your success? Like William James said, “Our greatest power is the power to choose.”

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