[Podcast] Retail selling has evolved, have you?

Customers are different today than they were in the 90’s (ahh, the 90’s). Back then, it seemed to be more about the price and the customers assumed we knew more than they did.

As a result, the transactions were more, well, transactional. But now, customers demand higher levels of service and they consider themselves as much of the expert as the salesperson.

Why? Because, the internet.

The huge amount of available content the internet has provided has changed buyers in a dramatic way. This change is good if you are willing to change the way you communicate with your customer.

It was about Content
Now it is about Curation
and it has always been about Context

I recently wrote an article for Furniture Today called, “The Evolution of Retail Sales”. (Click Here to read on FutnitureToday.com).

In the article, I explain how you can use the customers information to close more sales while creating a higher level of customer satisfaction than ever before.

In retail, only the strong survive. Don’t be the weak link that ends up extinct because you were unwilling to evolve.
— @Doug_Stewart_
What are you doing to make sure your sales process is evolving with your customer?
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