How to be a leader this Christmas

Leadership isn’t something we do to other people, it’s something we do to ourselves for the benefit of other people.
— @Doug_Stewart_

Early this morning I was thinking about the difference between leadership at work and leadership at home. Because, tomorrow, I will put away my laptop and put on my stretchy pants. Bring on the Christmas treats!!!

The question I asked myself was, "How can I demonstrate leadership over the Christmas holiday?" 

If I had to choose three things that are necessary to have authentic leadership they would be: 

1. Trust
2. Authenticity
3. The audacity to stand for (or against) something. 


If there has been a breach in trust with someone you see this weekend, make it right. It doesn't matter who started it or who is in the wrong. The essence of true leadership is going first. So, go first. 


There is no such thing as an inauthentic leader. Be yourself and allow others the grace to be themselves. No one ever changed their political, parenting or religious persuasions over Christmas dinner. Look for ways to share your thoughts without diminishing the opinions of the other people in the room. 

No one has ever won an argument. If the conversation gets to the point of arguing, you've already lost. 


Have the audacity this Christmas to stand for your family and against strife. No matter how crazy or dysfunctional the people are. 

Fight for peace

Contend for closeness

and strive for unity.

Remember, leadership isn't something you can turn on and off and you don't need authority to lead; all you need is influence. 

No matter where you are in the family dynamic, lead from there. And if you lack trust, authenticity or audacity use this time together to begin to build your leadership. 

Authentic Leaders bring people together to accomplish a common goal. 

May you lead your family well and may your goal be a very Merry Christmas. 

Doug Stewart