Stop lying to yourself


I commonly lie to myself. I pretend that some of the choices I make are out of my control. I pretended I don't have a choice to be irritated by other people's actions. I deceive myself into believing that other people control my circumstances. 

Remember that person that cut you off of the interstate? They didn't make you mad. You chose to be mad. 

I have to commonly stop and take inventory of what I'm allowing myself to justify. I have to actively remember that in every situation I (and I alone) get to choose how I will interpret and respond to the things that happen around me.

Today may be a good day for you to take inventory as well.

Consider how many choices you really have.

You get to choose your attitude.

You get to choose how you think about things.

And you get to choose how you respond.

Choose wisely.

Life LessonsDoug Stewart