🤗 I am obsessed with personal development and you should be too

I am utterly and unapologetically obsessed with my personal development and I think you should be too. 


You should be obsessed because... 

people are playing Pokemon and bingeing on Netflix: 

It's important to not only develop for your own sake but also for the sake of others. When you are your best self, you are able to help, coach and nurture those who have spent their time doing other things. Now, I enjoy a good Netflix binge as much as anyone, and I know there are tons of people that over do it. They stop using entertainment as a way to relax and they use it to escape reality. They hide, they ignore reality and they need you. 

You should be obsessed so you have something to give: 

Someone once told me, "You can't give what you do not have".  I have learned that I can only give out of my abundance. The more you develop yourself, the more you can help others. As the great poet, Jay-Z once said, 

You can’t help the poor if you’re one of em

You should be obsessed so you can better understand the world around you: 

The world is a crazy place and in it are plenty of crazy people.

When you develop yourself, you are better equipped to protect your emotional stability from the crazies who can easily disrupt your happiness. Once you are able to stand firm in your identity, you become unshakable to the people who would attempt to steal your peace. And you are in a position to help them become less crazy (if they want to).

You should be obsessed so you can process your own thoughts: 

I hear voices in my head, sometimes, the voices tell me I'm awesome, other times, they insult me. Sometimes, simultaneously. 

The more you develop, the more you are able to decern the difference between reality and destructive self-talk. Not knowing the difference steals your ability to be happy or have fulfilling relationships. 

When your heart is in the right place, personal development is a selfless act that builds a legacy of purpose and passion for others. 

Your personal development demonstrates a personal passion for all humanity.