TEDx Raleigh, Personal development and Public Speaking with Kevin Snyder

If you want to become a speaker, connect with other speakers. 

If you want to become a coach, connect with other coaches. 

If you want to be smarter, connect with smart people. 

I had an opportunity to become a better speaker, coach and I think altogether smarter through this conversation with Kevin Snyder

I hope you enjoy it. More importantly, I hope you do something with it.


0.00 - 1:47: Kevin shares how he personally got into public speaking and gives some great tips for people who aspire to speak more effectively. 

1:47 - 5:25 Kevin shares what the price is right and Bob Barker has to do with his success as a speaker, coach, and author. 

5:25 - 7:55 Kevin answers the question: "What is your process for preparing for a talk." 

7:55 - 10:50 Kevin shares his process for speaking to groups of different sizes

10:50 - 13:38 Kevin gives advice to those who want to become a public speaker. 

13:38 - 16:37 We discuss Kevin's books and how he became an author and the connection between his speaking, coaching, and writing. 

(CLICK HERE to check out Kevin's book "Think Differently on Amazon)

16:37 - 18:34 We talk TEDx and Kevin's connection to TEDx.

(Here is Kevin's TEDx Wake Forest talk)

18:34 - 19:57 We discuss the myth of overnight success. 

19:58 - 20:55 It wouldn't be a relevant conversation without a little Millennial talk. Kevin shares his belief that Millennials understand purpose more than any generation before them.  

20:55 - 24:33 We discuss how failure is always connected to success. 

 24:33 - 34:33 The upcoming TEDx Raleigh event. What you can expect. How you can get involved.

34:33 - What to do if you're not currently living your dream.