Normally, this event is $7,000. But the CMAA has negotiated the discounted rate of $2,000 for it's members.

(a $5,000 discount). 

Other costs: Since Doug is local (Raleigh, NC), there will be minimal additional costs. Only hotel & mileage. 

Fill out this short form and Doug will personally reach out to you within 48 hours. 

*This offer is only available for the Carolinas chapter at this time. 

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Offer Details: 

The event will be up to 4 hours and will include 4 of the 7 modules listed below: 

Please note: Each of these modules will be highly engaging and filled with practical & tactical information that the participants will be able to put into action right away. There will also be an exclusive web page provided for each of the events.

Module 1: Strengthening you (and those around you) 

Using decades of Gallop research, each team member will take a strengths assessment a week before the event. In this module, we will use this information to bring self-awareness to each individual as well as help uncover ways to better work together and leverage the strengths of the team more effectively. 

* There will be a $14 fee for each team member to cover the assessment.

Module 2: Mastering Mentorship (TEDx Talk)

This module will give participants an opportunity to redefine mentorship. The result will be more accountability, higher levels of engagement and less victim thinking. This is my personal story that I had the privilege of sharing from the TEDx stage. 

Module 3: Mentorship and your club

This module is a perfect fit for right after the "Mastering Mentorship" module because it gives participants the opportunity to interact with new ideas and consider how taking action will impact their future outcomes. 

Module 4: Generational Mentorship

Sometimes we forget all the value we get from those who are different from us. This module sheds a light on the different generational differences we face and shows us that not only are those differences good but that our differences may just be our greatest strength as an organization. 

Module 5: Conquering Conflict

This module does not put a stop to conflict, it exposes it for what it is. Conflict is the price we pay for healthy relationships. Participants will learn how to handle conflict in a way that serves the greater good and creates a stronger, more dynamic, team environment. 

Module 6: Eliminating judgement

Judgement robs us of our relationships, our customers, our profits and our happiness. This module will provide participants with a different method of dealing judgmental thoughts and actions. 

Module 7: Topic facilitation

Sometimes, we're just not on the same page. As a facilitator, I often mediate "thought sessions" where participants can be in a safe place and get on the same page. The topic of the module is agreed on upon before hand.