Words cannot express how honored I was to spend time with all of you this week. Sedgefield is a special place and the thing that makes it special is you.  As a small thank you, I would like to offer you the following resources. This is not available on my public site. This is an exclusive page just for you guys. 

If you have any questions of would just like to chat about how you could implement some of the mentor/strengths ideas when leading your team, Feel free to call me at (919) 628-2238 or email me  

Looking forward to working with you again,

- Doug

Recording of CMAA Mentorship Talk

Link to "Worst Day Ever" poem

Short excerpts from some of my other talks

A few videos you might enjoy

Want more appreciation? Here's how you get it. 

5 1/2 Mentors that will change your life.    TEDx Talk

What my basketball coach taught me about communication

A teaching on conflict from 2016