🎙 The Quarter Life Comeback

I had the recent honor to be interviewed on The Quarter Life Comeback with Bryan Teare.

Bryan is an incredible guy with a HUGE heart on a BIG mission. 


Bryan is 6'7 (like me)
has a beard (like me) 
has an accent (like me)

*** His accent is a super cool South African accent. I think that beats the Country draw that slips out of my mouth every once in a while.

Ok, Bryan wins...

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  • Why I was still coloring in and drawing his twenties
  • What is a victim mindset and how to break free from it
  • Why the current mentorship model is outdated
  • Who are the 5 1/2 mentors you need and where to find them (hint: they’re closer than you think)
  • Why experience is for fools